Integrated Business Solutions

 Do  you need more control over your business? Many independent businesses  face increasing difficulty finding the time or money necessary to  maximize the returns on their automation investments. Although systems  may be acquired which are designed to enhance workplace efficiency and  profitability, even more difficult still to find reliable professionals  who understand your business to assist in the proper business  configuration programs. That's where EMISOS comes in.

Organizations  have objectives to accomplish and goals to achieve. We provide a  Business Process Management(BPM)  solutions to different business  sectors to improving the business processes, making the workflow more  efficient and effective, and improve overall ability to adapt to an  ever-changing business environment. 

Library Management System

Library  is the place where every minute the books were issued or replace and it  became hard for the librarians to maintain the data of the books.  Library is the hub of education where the person can get the knowledge  about any of their interested topics. In the libraries there are lots of  books related to one topic. So, to manually maintain the data of the  books according to author, title, subject and so on can be tedious task  or may cause an error or can become reason for loss. 

EMISOS  provide the solution that helps you in maintaining the library daily  tasks easily, quickly and more accurately. EMISOS BORNE is an Integrated  system that share the responsibilities with librarians to automate all  daily tasks in approach of work flow from taking the patron wishes up to  exchange entries with outsource partners using latest international  standards.  

Medical and Health Care System

 The  importance of patient records( medical records) is related to different  needs and objectives, as they constitute permanent documents on the  health of patients, Health care delivery has become a "high-tech"  industry sector. Whether in the dental office, the clinic, the  physician's office, or the hospital, equipment and software are  sophisticated and evolving.

Scheduling  and managing appointments and reservations is an important component in  the daily processes of all medical organizations. Online scheduling  software has simplified and automated this process for all sized medical  organizations. EMISOS MAS is an Integrated system that help in managing  patient’s records, medical history, online appointment scheduling.